Ludwig Feuerbach
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“You are what you eat”

(Ludwig Feuerbach, 1804–1872)

The most important components of the aging process are well-known now, which leads us to the critical questions: “Which plant constituents must be combined to help rejuvenate us and bring us closer to living the dream of eternal youth?” And, “What is the optimal ‘right thing’ and at exactly which moment?”

The days of simply taking a multivitamin without thinking much about it are long gone.

The answer to these questions lies in a simple phrase … the first step in fending off the three primary age-related diseases.   

German philosopher and revolutionary Ludwig Feuerbach had no idea about any of this back in 1846.  Nevertheless, he deserves great praise for coining the most famous quote in the history of nutrition: “You are what you eat.”  He also postulated that “the open mouth is the entrance to the innards of Nature”.

He would have been delighted to possess our current knowledge of polyphenols, and of natural strategies against inflammatory stress (silent inflammation) and oxidative stress caused by aggressive oxygen radicals. Unfortunately, anti-aging medicine began its triumph a century and a half too late for him.  But it’s just in time for us.

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