Threat to the vessels supplying the heart and the brain
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The negative side effects of metabolism

Significant biological damage

This entire chain reaction causes significant biological damage. Sensitive cell components like the extremely thin cell membrane and DNA, our genetic material, are particularly threatened by oxidation.  

Oxidative damage also knocks out the energy supply system of our cells, another part of the biological aging process that ultimately leads to cell destruction.  If too many cells are affected we age, and in the end, entire organs can fail.  Both types of damaging processes – inflammatory stress (silent inflammation) and oxidative stress (attacks by free radicals) – can occur entirely beneath the surface, without any alarming outward symptoms, for decades. Second by second, these dangerous risk factors build up, eventually causing chronic age-related disease. We live longer and longer these days – creating the potential to become more and more ill.

The vital blood vessels supplying our heart and brain are among the first victims of these processes. The older we get, the harder it becomes for all of our other organs to cope with the damage that's occurring.  While these internal changes can go unnoticed for a long time, they silently set the stage for all of the widespread diseases of our time.

The vital blood vessels supplying our heart and brain are among  the first victims of these processes. 

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