ResverAge® Superfruits capsule
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Experience the natural power of fruits

Acai berry extract

Acai berry

Acai is a palm tree from the rainforests of the Amazon. The native Brazilian tribes have eaten its small red fruits and used it traditionally for centuries to soothe digestive disorders, intestinal diseases, wrinkles and withered skin, eye problems, inflamed gums and general fatigue. The most important active ingredients in acai are polyphenol and anthocyan. 

Goji berry extract

Goji berries

Of Central Asian origin, the small red goji berry (lycium barbarum, or wolfberry) is perhaps richer in nutrients than any other fruit in the world. Traditional Chinese medicine utilizes its anti-oxidative properties to strengthen the immune system and help protect against cancer.   

Mangosteen extract


The name ‘mangosteen’ (garcinia mangostana) is derived from the Malay word manggisutan and describes the edible fruit of a tropical tree that is rich in antioxidants and referred to in its Asian home country as the “queen of the fruits”. Recent research confirms its free radical scavenging abilities and its effectiveness in treating allergies and inflammation. The active substances in mangosteen also work to curb the development of cancer and help ward off viral and bacterial attacks.  


Noni extract

Noni, the fruit of the Indian mulberry, contains substances that may be beneficial in fighting depression, overweight, arthritis, and diabetes.  


Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate, the “fruit of the gods” helps boost the immune system.


Mix of fruits

Active compounds from

Apple, orange, pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, strawberry, peach, papaya, pear, lime, cherry, plum, bilberry, grape, cantaloupe, and raspberry complete the blend of fruits in ResverAge®.

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