ResverAge® «Anti-inflammatory» capsule
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Potent ingredients protect against silent inflammation

Sulfur (MSM)


An important sulfur donor, methyl-sulfonyl-methane is also the active substance in sulfur baths, which help support many anti-inflammatory processes.

Anti-inflammatory enzymes

This powerful “cocktail” provides contains a range of enzymes that all play an important role in supporting the body‘s anti-inflammatory processes. Normally, these enzymes are obtained from plants and fruits.

Grape seed extract

A potent anti-inflammatory, grape seed extract contains a number of special polyphenols of the phytoalexine category. In nature, plants use these substances to defend against natural enemies, bacteria, yeasts and climatic stress. Grape seed extract helps prevent inflammation and the oxidation of blood lipids, helping to curb the accumulation of plaque on the blood vessel walls.

Coral Calcium®

Coral Calcium®

This scientifically-developed preparation contains 73 trace elements derived from coral.  It helps maintain normal body pH (acidity/alkalinity) and actually increases the pH of the body‘s tissues, enhancing the absorption of nutrients.  


This highly-active polysaccharide (sometimes referred to as the “police of the blood”) is a highly-active immune system modulator and retains its effectiveness even after passing through the digestive system.

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