Mount Fuji and the sign for a Long Life
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East meets West:

Fusion medicine from a global perspective

Generation by generation, in millions of cases, people have sought out and found appropriate herbs and healing plants and have put them to the test.  Today, for the first time ever, epidemiological studies are confirming the actions of more and more of these natural substances based on sound science. 

ResverAge® embodies this holistic “East-meets-West” philosophy which has been increasingly validated scientifically by traditional Western medicine – prominently featuring green tea, the super anti-aging substance from Asia, as well as red wine polyphenol resveratrol, the super anti-aging substance from Europe – while also incorporating many other natural medicinal substances borrowed from Far Eastern, South American and European popular medicine. 

Today, in keeping with this global perspective and readiness to embrace a fusion of diverse schools of medical thought, drawing from a more comprehensive  variety of the wisdom and treasures of Nature makes more sense than ever.

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