Chronobiological broad-spectrum measures against premature aging
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Chronobiological broad-spectrum protection against premature aging

ResverAge® is designed to provide a full range of anti-aging support, plus help enhance overall health and well-being, and was formulated in accordance with the findings of countless scientific studies and treatment observations for broad-spectrum protection against premature aging. 

The following overview lists just some of the concerns for which the secondary plant substances in ResverAge®  may be helpful.  

  • Inflammatory stress (silent inflammation): scientists researching the aging process have recently found this threat to be of special importance. Easily-detectible inflammatory proteins in the blood called hs-CRP (high sensitive C-reactive proteins) are indicators of inflammatory stress in the body. The concentration of these proteins increases as soon as the immune response to infections or disease starts, however CRP levels are very rarely measured.  Inflammatory responses, along with coagulation factors, are the driving force behind the vascular damage that can obstruct blood flow to the heart and brain. ResverAge® contains a number of ingredients that help protect against inflammation and have strong anti-oxidative properties.
  • Alzheimer's: inflammatory markers like CRP also correspond to vascular diseases of the brain. Like the heart, the brain also depends on an unobstructed blood supply.   
  • Osteoporosis: silent inflammatory responses are also critically involved in the development of bone diseases.   
  • Protection against cardiovascular diseases: the active ingredients in ResverAge® help prevent oxidation LDL-cholesterol storage in body tissues, helping to protect against vascular damage that can lead to death.   
  • Metabolic syndrome: anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory ingredients in ResverAge® may help lower glucose and insulin levels, and when used long-term may lower the risk of insulin resistance, which often leads to obesity.   
  • Healthy genes: our DNA and the cell structures of our ribonucleic acid are particularly threatened by aggressive oxygen molecules. ResverAge® helps to protect these delicate structures and supports repair systems inside the nucleus.
  • Uncontrolled cell growth: the antioxidants contained in ResverAge® may prevent the production of cancer by protecting the genetic material against free radicals. Ongoing studies examining the effect of resveratrol in cancer patients are producing promising results.  
  • Oxidative stress: ResverAge® helps to counteract the destructive influences of free radicals on the body’s cells. 

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